Used Prius for Sale: Worth a Buy?

What is Toyota Prius?

Before you move onto understand whether used prius for sale is worth a look, you should know more about this extraordinary car. This will allow you to understand what the fuss is about. Manufactured and developed by Toyota, Prius is considered to be the cleanest vehicle which is sold in the United States. This car is full hybrid car running on electricity. The classification of this car is mid-size hatchback. Initially, it was released back in 1997 at different Toyota car dealerships in Japan. It was the first vehicle that was hybrid and that was subsequently mass-produced. Eventually, it was then released to the whole world in 2000, in around 80 countries. However, the largest markets are in Japan and United States.


Toyota Car Deals Toyota Prius 2011

In 2011, Prius 2011 was introduced, which saw the Prius v, which was an extended hatchback wagon. In addition, another model introduced in the same year included Prius C which was a subcompact hatchback. Following year, the Prius plug-in hybrid was also introduced.


You need to understand that the standard Prius can only run for short periods on electric power. The Plug-in version only can run up to 51 mph. In addition, you would find that it is easy to switch between electric power and petrol.

Team Toyota Used Car Toyota Prius 2011


You would not find the handling to be exceptional. If you go for larger wheels, then the car would be quite unsettling on bumpy roads. There is little feedback from the steering, and even the handling although safe is not too exceptional. However, because of the light steering, it is easy to drive the car around the city.


When you’re running on the electric motor, the car is not that noisy. However, wind and road noise can easily penetrate the interior which makes the car ride slightly annoying.


You would not find the interior to be extremely good, which is disappointing because the car is actually quite expensive. The interior has a solid built but the grey dash plastics and the velour seats are quite drab.


Is the car reliable? This is a question asked by many people and yes it can be said that it has always scored high in different surveys as far as reliability and customer satisfaction is concerned. Furthermore, the car is also backed up by a 100,000 mile warranty which runs for five years.


To avoid an accident, there is stability control. In addition, to prevent and minimize injuries, there are front, sides along with curtain airbags. The driver’s knee bag along with anti-whiplash headrests also adds to the safety of the car. Furthermore, other security measures include immobilizer, deadlocks and alarm.

Extra Features

There are some features that include front and rear electric windows, head-up display and of course hair conditioning. There is keyless entry, Bluetooth handsfree system and cruise control in the T4 trim. On the other hand, the Plug-in models and the T-spirit include a reversing camera and satellite navigation along with the afore-mentioned features.


If you saw ads for used prius for sale and want to know the specific advantages of buying the Prius, then you would find that this is the perfect Hybrid. This is because of the car’s ability to switch between electric power and petrol. Furthermore, it can drive effortlessly around the town. In addition, the resale values are quite high. Along with that, the emissions are quite low, making this car environmentally friendly. The cabin is also quite roomy, which means that there is enough space to accommodate families.


However, there are some downsides to the Toyota Prius 2011 and the other models. You would not find the quality of the interior to be extraordinary, which is something quite disappointing considering that the Prius is actually quite expensive. You would find that rear visibility is also not too exceptional. It is not a fun or smooth ride, since there is barely any feel while steering. You might find the ride to be a bit unsettled, as well.

What would be the suggestion?

Should you buy this car through the Toyota car deals? Well, it is always recommended that while there is plenty of space, one should not buy it as a family car. However, one can always purchase it for the company because it would be more practical that way considering that there is ample of space for people to sit along with the fact that there is ample boot space, as well.

Should you buy a used car?

Many people might not be able to afford the new Prius, but they always have the option of buying a used car. However, there are a couple of considerations that you should keep in mind when you’re going out to buy a used Prius. Some of the suggestions that Team Toyota used car provide is that like any other car, you should buy it from a reputable dealer who s also well-know. Furthermore, you should also find out the applicable recalls that have been carried out on the car that you have been looking out to buy. You should check in the Toyota’s database to see whether you have any outstanding recalls. Moreover, you should always sit in the driver’s seat and then turn the car on. The engine should ideally turn on and run without any kind of input from the driver. If the engine does not run, or you see an engine, or turtle error light on the dash, then you should make sure that your car goes through proper inspection before you actually sign the deal.

Take the used prius for sale car out for a test drive and make sure that you put the car to different conditions on the road. This will allow you to test the handling, braking and acceleration. You have to also remember that there would normally be a delay between the acceleration and the responding of the car. Therefore, this should be kept in mind before you buy the car.


Henceforth, it is important that all these things are taken into consideration before you actually buy the used prius for sale.

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