Scion tc 2011 basics, specs, engine options and maintenance

Scion tc 2011 basics, specs, engine options and maintenance

The scion tc 2011 is among the superb car models launched by Toyota in 2002. No doubt, this car is too old but it has been changed with the passage of time. Changes made in this model allowed the users to enjoy the best features and technologies. Today, the 2011 scion T C is available in the markets in brand new as well as used condition. This car model has obtained the highest level of attention because of the sleek body design and powerful engine setup. Let’s see other features of 2011 scion T C.

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Exterior and interior of the 2011 scion TC:

Definitely, you will look for the exterior and interior of this classic vehicle first. In most of the considered this vehicle is called a compact driving option by Toyota. In fact, it is a two door vehicle. This feature makes it a small vehicle but it has seating capacity of 4 persons. You can easily adjust 5 passengers inside the vehicle. The driver’s cabin is decent because of the superb interior designing. It is difficult to ignore the interior functions such as climate control, weather update, power steering, handy gearbox with easy operating system, emergency door locks and brake, rearview camera (installable), radio and digital sound system. This vehicle doesn’t have HD display options. Conventional display system is present to see settings. Seats are adjustable and covered with leather upholstery. Visit reviews to find more interesting features of sciontc 2011.

Engine options and transmission:

Small Toyota Cars

The 2011 scion T C has got an impressive engine lineup. It was offered with a powerful engine having a capacity to generate up to 180 hp. The torque production was 173 lb ft. This is considered a prominent member of small toyota cars having 4-Speed automatic transmission system. It also has a 5-Speed manual system to manage the fuel economy. Roller rock filters, tumble control and dual cam pushing are some considerable machine features.

Suitability of the vehicle:

2011 scion T C is considered suitable for the women drivers. It is only because of the sleek look and simple interior design. However, Toyota made it perfect for men by installing other functions such as handy gearbox, power steering and an elegant exterior design. It is believed that redesigning made it ideal for the men.   Check all types of toyota cars with similar features in order to identify why 2011 scion T C is suitable for men as well as women drivers.


Excellent fuel consumption:

The biggest advantage of 2011 scion T C is its outstanding fuel utilizing capacity. Estimates suggest that it can cover up to 30 miles per gallon in city. Add five extra miles when driving on superhighway. Purchase the 2011 scion T C today for your family use.

Maintenance and repairing is simple:

Unlike other small cars, the sciontc 2011 is easy to maintain and repair. It doesn’t need more expenses for repairing and maintenance. Easy toyota car service makes this vehicle ideal for the buyers looking for a perfect family car.

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