Knowing more about Toyota Camry 2011

Before moving onto the features of toyota camry 2011, you should know about the background of this car. Toyota Camry has been around for a long time (around 1982) and it has been able to span across a wide range of different generations. Initially, the car had a narrow-body but then it acquired a wide-bodied look, as well. Currently, it has been producing wide-bodied versions. The 2011 model is worth looking at.

What are people saying?

Used Car Toyota Camry 2011 View to Face - Silver Color Car

The Toyota Camry 2011 was actually an update from the 2006 model and there were no major refinements as far as the looks have been concerned. You would find that the car has bulky sides along with a wide D pillar which is appropriate for this segment of the cars. However, are people satisfied with this car? And it is also worth looking at whether you should buy the car from Toyota new car deals.

People criticize the car for the fact that there is not much excitement in this car. It is definitely reliable, and this remains perfect for around 95 percent of the individuals. You have to also remember that the car is also quite comfortable, which means that you would feel as if you’re sitting in your living room. You have to also remember that the interior is not that posh, because even though the wheel is supposedly leather-wrapped, there is still a plastic feel. There is a twist of metal key; keeping up with the tradition of Toyota, which means you would not find any kind of push-button starter even in this model. However, there is one additional feature, which include the automatic up/down windows.

What about the style?

Test Drive Toyota Camry 2011 on the Forest Road

To be honest, Toyota Camry 2011 is not that much about style. It has not become one of the best-sellers among mid-size sedans due to its look. Even though there was some facelift in this year; it still remains the same as the 2007 debut. You also have to remember that it is the most conservative looking sedan currently. However, Toyota did try to boost up the look, which includes the front bumper, new grille along with the restyled tail lamps. As far as the interior design is concerned, it is not all that great If you’re looking for more pictures, then you can check out www . toyotacars . com.


If you’re looking for a mid-size sedan, then you would find that the performance of Toyota Camry 2011 car is quite satisfactory. There are two engines in around seven models; you have the base model, the CE model, the luxurious XLE and the sporty SE model, as well. In addition, fuel economy has been added to the SE model. You have the option of choosing between the six-speed manual or automatic transmission system as far as the four-cylinder model is concerned. On the other hand, you can also opt for the V-6 model and get an automatic transmission system. If you want to travel with full load, then the V-6 option is ideal. However, the four-cylinder would be perfect for normal driving.

What about the quality?

Well, as mentioned before, it fails miserably as far as the interior is concerned. However, the emphasis has been on quality, which is true for most family cars. You would find that the interior is quite roomy, including legroom in the back for the adults. In fact, around five adults can fit in. You would find that the front seats are also quite soft and wide, but do not have adequate support. The rear seats are quite comfortable, as well making this car quite ideal for road trips. There is plenty of space if you’re looking for electronics. However, if you’re expecting large amount of cargo space, then you will be disappointed because there isn’t much. However, the soft ride also makes the way for a comfortable ride. There is no wind noise or road noise even on the roughest of the surfaces.


You would be surprised but toyota camry 2011 does not have a very high safety rating. It has not achieved very high stars. However, the roof strength is quite good, along with frontal and side tests. In addition, there are some impressive safety features that include anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, driver-side knee airbag and side-curtain airbag.

Fuel Economy

Lean and green, the car also has a good fuel economy rating which is important if you drive long distance to work. Furthermore, this is important because road trips require a lot of petrol obviously so this is where the car will help. The Hybrid version is also environmentally friendly.

Additional Features

The base version of Toyota Camry 2011 version includes power windows, air conditioning, locks along with a CD sound system. This is ideal for those frugal buyers who are buying a car for the first time for their family. However, the base and LE Camry models also have a USB port, MP3, streaming music capability and Bluetooth. There is DVD navigation system, leather upholstery, heated seats and a Smart Key entry system on the SE and XLE models.

You would find that there is much value even in the low trim versions. However, the fully loaded Camry runs into around $30k which is a bit of an exaggeration.

How much is Toyota Camry?

In the list of affordable mid-size cars, Toyota Camry ranks came 6th in affordability out of 19 cars. The car typically costs around $20, 195 to $29, 845 according to the trim level that you choose. The car therefore is quite affordable especially if you’re thinking about the simple fact that it has a lot of utility.


If you also feel that you cannot afford toyota camry 2011 car, then you would find that it is actually a good idea to purchase a used car. Used car Toyota Camry is actually an excellent option because the car has good resale value so this means that you’re actually getting a good deal. Since the features are quite packed and it makes a reasonable class in its category, you would not regret choosing this car at all.

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