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The Toyota Camry 2012 is an excellent car that has been in production since 1982. It has been sold internationally at different locations around the world. Therefore, whenever you go through the list of Toyota cars, you would find this to be on the top of the line. This is because this car has a wide-body classification although it had initially started off as narrow-body. You have to also remember that this car is quite popular because in 2001, around 327, 804 cars were bought in United States of America alone. Furthermore, this car served to be the foundation of the future models for Toyota. You have to also understand that Camry is actually the franchise, because it has become so popular in terms of its design, style and the make.

Why is it so popular?

View to Interior Toyota Camry 2012 From Right - Passenger Side

Why should it not be popular is actually the real question? This sedan has been able to acquire an excellent position in the mainstream because it is comfortable, reliable, smooth and quiet. Furthermore, it also is priced at a reasonable rate, which makes it even more popular. As far the Toyota Camry 2012 model goes, the fuel efficiency and value has also gone up, which has also led it become even more popular.

You would find that the car is not too much of a looker but it has never meant to be. It is a strong seller because there is more room in the interior of the car along with a soft ride. Furthermore, it provides an excellent resale value and is quite reliable. You would find this to be a sensible choice.


Good Wallpaper With Face White Toyota Camry 2012

You have to remember that the performance of this car is quite remarkable. There are different models within this version. It has a base four-cylinder which is rated at 25 mpg in the city and 35 mpg in highway. As far as the V-6 version is concerned, it has even a higher mpg. There is a hybrid version which has acquired excellent ratings.

A better performance was achieved through the 155-pound diet, along with the resistance tires, taller gearing, along with torque-converter lockup along with electric power steering. Furthermore, there is sleeker sheet metal, as well.



In Toyota Sedan cars, the Camry is not all that great when it comes to styling. However, the design has been improved from the previous models in the 2012 version. You would find subtle changes in the exterior angles which are quite unnoticeable as well. You have to remember that there is nothing radical. The outside styling has been geared towards better interior space along with aerodynamics rather than the actual shape. The rational Tech Dynamism model is followed which actually calls for an advanced and rational style that has a modern interior but a sporty exterior. The car therefore, is not too much of a looker.


You have to remember that people choose the Toyota Camry 2012 primarily because it is a comfortable ride, as far as mid-size sedans are concerned. You have to remember that the interior space has been maximized which gives this model an upscale look. It is airy from the front seats. Furthermore, the roof pillars are reshaped in such a way that it is thinner from the side, and the door-trim panels have been designed in such a way that there is more knee room in the front. Taller adults would find it adequate to have ample of space in the back. However, for three adults, shoulder space can get a bit tight. There are flat seats at the back but they are more firm and snug in the corners (an improvement from the previous model).


It has the greatest amount of airbags in its class and there are several other safety options which make this an excellent buy. The model was able to receive an overall rating of five-star from the NHTSA. Furthermore, it also had an excellent rating from the Top Safety Pick. The rigidity of the car has been improved, even though the weight has reduced by 220 pounds. There are ten standard airbags, which include knee bags in the passenger seat, along with rear side airbags for the outboard occupants in the car. There is a rearview camera along with a blind-spot monitoring system.


The Toyota Camry 2012 has a new Display Audio System which means that there is a larger display screen, iPod connectivity and Bluetooth audio streaming. Furthermore, the base audio system also includes aux-input jack, CD player and USB connectivity. A navigation system along with voice recognition, a high-end JBL sound system, along with satellite radio and HD radio is also present.


Fuel Economy

This has been a great consideration for many families, especially those who have to commute long distances for work. As far as Toyota Camry 2012 is concerned, the Hybrid power train fuel economy is quite excellent. 1 mpg is added to every version of this model. Therefore, the fuel economy has been achieved to a great extent.


What are the reviews saying?

You have to remember that the reviews about Toyota Camry 2012  model have been excellent. This car has been able to provide those features which can be expected in any kind of mid-size sedan. In fact, there are some additional delights that include Bluetooth connectivity. There is a single trim, as well. Along with that, in the Hybrid LE models, you would find a Smart Key System, a dual-zone climate control and Optitron Meters. The SE model also has sports seats. The sport model comes equipped with downshift rev-matching for the transmission along with paddle shifters.


If you do not have enough money to buy this car, you should acquire Toyota car loan because this car is a must buy. You would be able to find this car at any Toyota Car dealership in your country. One thing that needs to be recognized is that this is a family car that is packed with numerous features and comes at an affordable price, making this an excellent buy. You will not regret your decision to choose this car.

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