Find Fun and Affordable New Cars Under 20000 $

This article allows you to have a list of new cars under 20000. Just because you have a low budget for a car does not mean that you cannot find a good car which is able to deliver excellent performance and also make sure that you get few looks on the road. After all, if you have a snazzy ride, it can actually go a long way to getting you the right kind of attention. There are other considerations as well, especially if this is your first ever car. Therefore, find these cars at an affordable price in the United States below. The features and specifications of the cars are also mentioned so that the choice is much easier for you.

Toyota Corolla

One of the most popular vehicle in the year 2014 included the Toyota Corolla. And there is no doubt that this would be the most famous among 2015 Toyota car because of the functionality of the car along with the affordability. It has an excellent design, along with brilliant performance and also works as a family car. It is able to provide fuel economy, which provides an excellent sporty exterior along with a lush interior. You would find that the mileage of 30-40 mph gives excellent fuel economy. You would find that there are nine trims available for this car giving you more choice.

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Honda Fit

If you want another dynamic vehicle, then you would find Honda Fit to be on the list of cheap new cars for sale. It has a beautiful design with plenty of cargo space as well as fuel economy. You can choose between the 1.3L and 1.5 L options, with a four cylinder engine. This is considered an affordable car of the year since it has a cost of less than $23,000.

Mazda 3

If you want a good look, then this car would blow your mind away with its breathtaking design. It has an adequate performance, allowing excellent safety and room for different passengers. The vehicle is also available in 8 different trims. You can choose the SV version, or the sports version or even the touring model.

Nissan Sentra

There is no doubt that if you want a car which is economic, then Nissan Sentra would be a good option. This car has a four-cylinder 1.8 L engine, which gives a mileage that ranges from 30 to 39 MPG. There are user-friendly features along with user-friendly features, which makes this a classy sedan.

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Chevrolet Cruze

You would find that this stylish car provides both fuel economy and comfort combined in one. You would also be happy to know that there are around five trims. The cruze Eco model is also quite good considering that the fuel economy is optimum. The interior is also pleasant allowing you to fall in love with this car.

Toyota Prius C

In Toyota new car deals, you would also find Toyota Prius C well within the 20 mark. There is one trim available. You have to remember that for fuel economy and a beautiful and stylish look, this is the car for you. The 1.5L engine producing a hp of 73 delivers great performance. You can also go for the hybrid version in this car which is just not good for your fuel budget but also good for the environment.

Chevrolet Sonic

You would find that Sonic is quite affordable, available in around 12 trims. The price starts from $14,000 which is definitely an advantage. This is budget friendly for the fuel s well since it has around 26 and 35 of MPG. The car can run smoothly through the four cylinder 1.8 L engine. There is an excellent interior along with infotainment features which makes this car a perfect buy.

Ford Fiesta

When you want performance and style, along with affordability, Fiesta is the option for you. It has six trims which come one of the best new cars under 20000. You would find that the EcoBoost engine that has three cylinders is quite environmentally friendly, as well.

Hyundai Elantra

If you want a flexible and versatile car, then the Hyundai Elantra would be an excellent option for you. It has different colors along with numerous design options. The quality and the performance of the different models is also quite excellent. You can find five door version, two door version along with four door version, so you can choose the model according to your liking and requirement.

 Ford Focus

Ford made this year quite budget friendly for different people. The Focus has two sedan trims along with a hatchback version. You would find that the performance is quite excellent with the 2.0 inline four cylinder engine producing around 160 hp of force.

Kia Forte Ex Sedan

The Kia Forte Ex Sedan has a sharp and new look with great upgrades that include 16 inch tires that have alloy wheels. The leather wrapped steering wheel is also an excellent feature. You would find the sedan version, the coupe version along with the hatchback version. The performance is quite excellent, as well. Therefore, for new cars 2015 this is an excellent choice. The six-speed automatic transmission system with the 2-liter four cylinder engine producing around 173 of torque is an excellent choice.

Mini Cooper Hardtop

The Mini Cooper Hardtop is considered to be the least expensive of all the models. However, that does not mean that the performance is sacrificed in any way. There is a four-cylinder 1.6 liter engine that delivers 121 of horsepower. The six-speed manual transmission system is also quite brilliant. If you want better performance combined with tighter steering and fast acceleration, then you can press the Sport mode button which will be able to deliver you that.


Affordability is an important consideration for many buyers. This is why you need to find new cars under 20000 as an original price along with being fuel efficient. Therefore, this will allow you to buy a car that is cost-effective for you in the long run. This list will help you in choosing the car that is ideal for you.

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