Cheapest brand new car: A List of Top 8 affordable vehicles with classic features

Finding the cheapest brand new car for office or home is a time consuming job. People love to find the best cars with affordable prices but they don’t like time wasting plans. What is the right solution? It is recommended to consider the lists of top ten cheapest vehicles launched by various companies and manufacturers. In most of the cases the new cars are offered with affordable prices but it is recommended to compare the financial parameters in order to choose the cheapest option. Are you ready to find the best car? Let’s see the list of cheapest cars available in the markets.

Mazda 2 Sports:

As a matter of fact, this vehicle is very classy because of the outstanding shape and figure. It looks like a smiling car. It is believed that this vehicle is suitable for the family use.  Those who are interested to get the affordable vehicles should focus on Mazda 2. On the other hand, the toyota cars 2014 are also affordable but it will be better to compare the prices as well as technical features. Price of this vehicle is $15,455.

Light Green Color Chevrolet Spark Back Side

Hyundai Accent:

It is also known as GLS Sedan. This vehicle is among the most affordable sedan cars introduced by the company. People who love to drive luxury vehicles should pay attention towards the Hyundai Accent. There is no need to be worried about the engine setups and fuel economy because it is a perfect model from all points. The price of Hyundai Accent is $15,987.

Toyota Yaris L-3:

No information about the term “Yaris” is available but it is true that this vehicle is very affordable for the clients. Toyota launched this vehicle with L-3 hatchback door style. The engine of this vehicle can produce up to 106 horsepower making it ideal option for the city drivers. It will be better if you check the splendid shape of Toyota Yaris.

Chevrolet Sonic LS:

This model is a complete sedan opportunity for the drivers. It is possible to enjoy the outstanding luxury features by driving this vehicle. It is believed that this vehicle can gain a speed of 750 mph. You won’t believe but is among the cheapest luxury cars in the markets. Buy it for $14,999. You don’t need to find the new 2015 car models after driving this superb vehicle.

New Car Mitsubishi Mirage DE

Ford Fiesta S:

It is another Sedan vehicle launched by Ford. It can generate 120 hp with a 1.6 L engine. The hybrid version of this vehicle can generate 197 hp with similar engine lineups. It is recommended to focus on the delicious design and shape of this sedan car. Price of Ford Fiesta S is only $14,760.

Smart For two Pure:

It is an ideal vehicle for two passengers. It is a special product designed by the Mitsubishi. This small vehicle can generate 70 hp. It means that you can enjoy the feature of a luxury vehicle with a price of motorbike. The cost of this vehicle is $14,030.

Mitsubishi Mirage DE:

When searching for the best luxury but cheapest vehicles, it is recommended to find the Mitsubishi Mirage DE. This vehicle can cross 60 mph within 10 seconds. It is an excellent speed for the drivers. The shape and look of the body is 100 % unique and luxurious. It is believed that this vehicle is more popular than the Chevrolet Spark. The price of Mirage DE is only $13,850. It is required to compare the price of this superb car with the new car prices 2015. This will give you a good idea about the current pricing trends.

Chevrolet Spark:

It is among the best small cars introduced by the Chevrolet. It is believed that this vehicle has an excellent capacity to produce 84 hp. Focus on the outstanding designing as well as interior functions. Price of this amazing vehicle is only $12,999. Bring this vehicle today and enjoy the amazing luxury features with a reasonable price.

Are you interested to get 2015 toyota cars? Remember, the prices of new Toyota vehicles will be higher than expectation. The experts are hopeful to see sudden increase in the prices of new Toyota vehicles after release. This is why the users should pick the cheapest brand new car from the above mentioned information.

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