Amazing new vehicles for 2015: Interesting specs and features of top five vehicles

Finding the superb new vehicles for 2015 is one of the most interesting jobs for the people. It is believed that most of the cars being launched today will get a new shape very soon. Most of the 2014 models are being prepared by updating the specs and settings in order to make them perfect for year 2015. It is not a difficult job for the car manufacturers to redesign the vehicle according to modern requirements and demands. However, it is a true fact that lots of efforts are required to make a new redesign of any vehicle. Anyhow, this article is related to the top new vehicles ready to appear in 2015. Those who are interested to buy the superb vehicles with modern changes and features must focus on the new models.

Alfa Romeo Giulia:

As the name indicates, this vehicle will capture the attention of buyers and drivers without any problem. It is considered that this new vehicle has been designed by mixing the interesting features of Jaguar XE and BMW 3. It is expected that this new vehicle will bring an engine of Multi-Air used by the Fiat. This vehicle will gain more reputation because of the interesting look and redesign.  Wait for the July for new vehicles for 2015 because it is the expected date of release of Alfa Romeo Giulia. The expected price of this vehicle is 22,000 British Pounds.

Test Drive BMW M2 New 2015 Vehicles

Aston Martin Lagonda:

It will be an impressive saloon vehicle with considerable changes made by the manufacturer. Major changes have been made in the body structure. Reliable sources revealed that Aston Martin Lagonda will be a unique example for the fans. It has a new set of LED Headlights with bigger air intake. On the other hand, this vehicle can easily generate 565 hp with the help of a 5.9 liters V-12 engine. This new car 2015 will be produced in Gaydon Factory. Base price of Aston Martin Lagonda will be £40,000.

Audi R8:

Audi is a popular brand for the speedy drivers. It is believed that this company is looking forward to generate a new model for 2015. This Audi R8 will be launched with V-8 engine. A modern sonic gearbox is also making attention for this vehicle. The expected date of release has not been revealed but there are rumors that Audi R8 will appear in mid of this year. The base price of Audi R8 will be £100,000.

 Audi TT Roadster:

When finding the new cars of 2015, the buyers should focus on the Audi TT Roadster. This amazing vehicle will be a perfect option for the people who don’t have huge budgets. The expected base price of this vehicle will be £31,980 and it will be offered in November 2015. TDI diesel engine with capacity of 2.0 or TFSI petrol with similar capacity will be installed in this vehicle.  Modern five cylinders will help the vehicle to gain a great speed without burning more fuel. Expected price will be £31,970.

View to Back Side of Audi R8 New 2015 Vehicles


After the successful business of M235i, company decided to launch new BMW M2. Rear wheel drive vehicle has 350 b horsepower engine. This engine has 3.0 liters fuel capacity with 6-speed turbo. Manual as well as 7-speed DCT auto-box is also installed in this vehicle. All these devices help to improve the power generation and speed production capacity of the BMW M2. The expected price of this superb speedy car is £40,000 and it will appear in autumn 2015.

How to choose the best new vehicles for 2015?

Almost all the important features and specifications have been mentioned in this discussion. However, the buyers are strongly recommended to observe the helpful sources of information. Find the best 2015 car reviews in order to have reliable information. It is not required to generate reviews because you can find these information packs online. Just visit the official websites of car manufacturers as well as dealers. You can check the list of upcoming vehicles in 2015. Remember, prices of the new vehicles vary according to the specifications and features. This is why the prices should be checked first. Read the information about the affordable vehicles. You can also select the expensive new 2015 vehicles if you have got auto loan approval or car leasing plans.

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Driver Place in Alfa Romeo Giulia - View to Steering WheelBack Side Alfa Romeo Giulia 2015New Vehicles For 2015 Alfa Romeo GiuliaView to Leather Interior in Aston Martin LagondaTest Drive Aston Martin Lagonda 2015Back Side Aston Martin Lagonda  with the help of a 5.9 liters V-12 engineView to Back Side of Audi R8 New 2015 VehiclesInterior View to Steering Wheel in Audi R8This Audi R8 Will be Launched With V-8 EngineNew Car 2015 Audi R8 - White Color VehicleThe Best New Vehicles for 2015 - Corvet Audi TT RoadsterBack Side of White Corvet Audi TT Roadster 2015Top View to Silver Corvet Audi TT Roadster 2015Red Car in Test Drive BMW M2 2015 Closer View to FaceBMW M2 With Engine has 3.0 Liters Fuel Capacity With 6-Speed turboBlue Corvet BMW M2 2015 - View to Back SideTest Drive BMW M2 New 2015 Vehicles